Happy National Family Meals Month!

At Monte Bene, we believe that every family – no matter their budget – should be able to share homemade quality meals, so we’re really excited to celebrate an entire month that’s focused on family mealtime. Now we know that with the end of summer comes busy school days, after-school activities, and cramped schedules. And whether or not you have children, the change from summer to fall fills schedules and life just gets crazier until the end of the holiday season! But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a healthy, delicious meal with family and friends. To help you out during these busy seasons, we’ve gathered all our family and kid-friendly meals for you to add to your favorites. Check them out below!

So from our family to yours, we hope that these next busy seasons are filled with lots of love and laughter around the dinner table, surrounded by family and friends! 

Fusco Family

Mini Frittatas are a great, make-ahead meal that’ll get your family up and out the door in the morning! 

Although this Turkey Bake recipe calls for leftover turkey (great for after holiday meals!), leftover chicken from the night before is just as yummy! 

Cheesy Vodka Bake  is a hit with the kids and also a time-saver in the kitchen!

For a quick, fun, and interactive meal, try French Bread Pizza. You’re kids’ll have fun making their own mini-pizzas and you can bake them all together on a cookie sheet.

Also, *Time-Saving Pro Tip: meal prep and planning is your best friend for saving time and money, staying healthy, and spending more quality time with family and friends.

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