Farm, Fresh, Family - Saving Time, Saving Money

Farm, Fresh, Family - Saving Time, Saving Money

You’re busy, but you know that it’s important to have a home-cooked meal and to spend time with your family. Creating quick and healthy meals may seem daunting, but here are a few tips that will make your week a little easier without sacrificing the lovable home-cooked and healthy meals. 

  • Look Around: The best way to save money? Use the ingredients you already have! Spend a few minutes looking inside your fridge and pantry. Which of those items inspire your next meal? Start thinking about meals for the week based on what’s already in your home. 
  • Organize it: While we have you staring at your fridge and pantry, let’s get it organized! Make sure everything in your fridge and pantry is easily accessible and ordered. Sometimes we find ourselves buying more of what we dont need because it’s scary to look inside our cluttered fridge and pantry—take a moment to organize, and it will come in handy in the long run.
  • The Game Plan: So you’ve looked inside of your fridge, you’ve thought about meals, now write it down! Spend about 30 minutes of your Sunday preparing for the week and gathering those extra ingredients from the grocery store. Save time in the grocery store by organizing the list with the layout of the store.

Still not sure what to cook for the week? Watch a few quick, fast-motion cooking videos to inspire your grocery list. (Personal favorite? One-pot and one-pan meals—quick n’ easy).

  • Cooking for the Masses: Ah, yes, the leftovers. Make more and store it in Tupperware’s—the key to saving time and money. This does not mean that you have to eat the same meal twice, but rather reinvent the meal from the night before. Also, don’t throw away those extras carrots—there’s always a use for your leftover pieces, just freeze it!
  • Clean as you Go: Rather than allow the dishes to pile up, clean them as you cook. You’ll be amazed at how nice it is to look at your empty kitchen sink after the dinner is prepared.

 We hope you have enjoyed reading these tips! Stay tuned for more about how to save time and money in order to spend less time worrying and more time with friends and family.

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