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Farm, Fresh, Family - Gear Up for Thanksgiving!

We're gearing up for the holiday surrounded by food and love: Thanksgiving! We are getting ready to gather together and eat a big, delicious meal!

But... we know the kitchen can be hectic during Thanksgiving, especially if you’re the only cook in the house! So in order to have a stress-free kitchen, we've got a few tips to help you relax and enjoy it. 

The Night Before: Sometimes the pies can be one of the most difficult steps, so it's helpful to get that out of the way. After preparing dessert, you can order delivery pizza and relax!

Tidy Up: first thing’s first: clean up! The kitchen on Thanksgiving is your stage to prepare the best, so prepare it by decluttering! 

Music! Get your favorite music going and you’ll remember how much fun cooking is.

Delegate: You don't have to be in it alone.  Young kids? They're great at stirring or setting the table. Older kids watching football? They can help with mashing potatoes. 
It's always helpful to clean as your go, too-- all of your guests can help with that!

Don’t forget about what’s important: Thanksgiving is full of delicious food, but the main focus is gratitude! So despite all of the cooking, cleaning, and hosting.. let's remember what we are thankful for and enjoy this wonderful holiday. 

Now let the Thanksgiving menu preparations begin! 


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