Farm, Fresh, Family - Cooking with Kids

Farm, Fresh, Family - Cooking with Kids
As summer comes to a close and we get ready for fall and cooking all of the lovely foods it has to offer-- why not have your kids join in? Cooking with kids is an enjoyable experience for both the child and parent, and a wonderful learning experience!

With endless recipes to choose from, here are a few of the many benefits to cooking with kids:

  1. Communication: the kitchen is a wonderful place to talk with your kids and teach them about the joy of cooking, tell fun stories, and remind them about the importance of sharing meals. Cooking with them gives them an opportunity to learn about the different ingredients and the cultural background of foods.
  1. Math: cooking involves math. Ask your child to double the recipe, or subtract to make less, in order to practice math skills in an enjoyable way.
  1. Reading: reading a recipe and understanding the steps help the child practice reading comprehension. Adding in sequence and paying attention to detail are crucial when following a recipe.
  1. Cleanup: It’s fun to get a little messy in the kitchen, but once the meal is prepared, you can help each other clean up.
  1. Goals: the goal is to finish the recipe, so your child will feel accomplished when he has finished cooking and has achieved his goal--even if it isn’t perfect! And he will learn that it takes patience to achieve it.
  1. Fun: it’s fun to build memories and bond with your kids, while encouraging creativity.

Go ahead and pick out a recipe and enjoy all the benefits of cooking with kids!

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