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Chef/Owner Neil Fusco was born in Southern Italy in the town of San Marzano, best known for its world-renowned San Marzano Plum tomatoes. Chef Neil began cooking as a little boy. His first lessons were from an experienced home chef, his mother! As first born in the large Italian family, Neil was given instructions from his mother on how to prepare the meals, using recipes handed down through the generations.  Growing up on a farm, Chef Neil learned early on that only the freshest ingredients should be used. That lesson has remained with him over the years, and it is at the heart of all that he prepares.

After the economic downturn, Chef Neil understood that with many households on a budget, pasta has become a dinnertime staple.  Monte Bene was born to offer a premium quality sauce at an affordable price. Chef Neil searched for a fresh tomato that would make for a high quality pasta sauce. Using domestically sourced, vine ripened tomatoes, coupled with a splash of the Italian San Marzano tomatoes, Chef Neil created Monte Bene™ - the perfect sauce for any pasta dish.